Where am I?

It has been a couple of months since I last put digit to keyboard and so with Mrs T out with the girls for a wee birthday celebration (not the last I might add)  I find myself with a bit of spare time.  With the girls in bed, I have TdF and then the anniversary games, I really should also be spending this time stretching, foam rollering or getting in that all important mobility work.  But. I’ve done all that today already. Get me…Super Organised Dude!  Yep, you may have noticed that the acronym is SOD and I am sure that is probably relaying around your head, indeed proceeded by the word bloody or f**kin’ or some other popular adjective!!  Yep, I’ve had a good going over with ‘The Stick’, bought at NYC Marathon in 2007 🙂

Two Thousand and Seven !!!!!  I was 35 years old.  It was such a long time ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.  My first marathon. I could almost recall each mile, each step, the smells, the weather, the other runners.  It is so vivid, more so that other experiences..  I am not sure I could recall the same for any other marathon, or ultra,  I have ran.  I am often asked what was my best marathon and I assume that they mean my quickest.  My answer is always the same…New York.  Absolutely, hands down.  Maybe because that was my first marathon (BTW, I didn’t achieve the time I set out for and was beaten, just, by the Junkie, Lance Armstrong), when actually, I think it was just the best experience I have had in a race. It was such a fantastic time, and we went to NYC wth some really good friends too.

Anyway, I’ve gone off at a tangent!

It’s been nearly two months since I last put digit to keyboard and I feel like there are lots of things to tell you about and at the same time, very little information to give!  Running wise, and this is a running blog, there is very little to tell.  I have been injured for some time now.  All that stuff above about stretching, massage and mobility is absolutely true, I have been almost religious about carrying out some form of each of them on a daily basis.  Mrs T and I even went to a Pilates class on holiday.  It was excellent and I can see how that form of cross training could really benefit a runner of advancing years, or any age.

Anyway, let’s get to an update.  Well, I have been jogging for about 3 weeks now.  The Devil ‘O the Highlands is in 2 weeks time.  That is 5 weeks of training before the Devil.  Which is 2 more weeks more than I had the last time I ran this race!! Totally true.  I was injured (again) for about 3 months in the lead up to the Devil race in 2014.  I bought my first pair of Hokas and went to Grand Canaria for a holiday.  Ran a few miles that week, did about 40 the next week and a 100 the following week, then tapered for a few days.  I actually did ok at that race, but I don’t feel as confident this time around and I expect to be sending John an email after my planned long Sunday run.  However, you never know, Sunday might actually go well and the email won’t be sent. 🙂

So that’s about it, there is really no update other than I have started to jog again, which to be honest, I am utterly delighted about. I just want to run, competing and racing are great, but running is the core.


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