When things are going so well you are always fighting that often very fine balance between a very high level of fitness and body wrecking injury.  I have walked this tightrope on many many occasions now and I still never seem to read the initial signs.  The day after the Edinburgh to North Berwick Road Race I ran to the end of the street, turned around and walked home as was the pain from my outer left knee. Now, on hindsight, I should have taken that sign and took a few days off to let my body recover properly.  Instead, I continued to run that following week clocking up 78 miles before a repeat of the previous Sunday.  A very painful limp home.

I’ve never really been that lucky when it comes to injury and I’ve got a body that quickly loses fitness as well as a self destruct mode when I am not exercising in terms of food and drink.  I am not feeling sorry for myself here, this is just the way it is.  When there is something to aim for, a target race, improving fitness, the indulgences are kerbed, but when I am injured I think, what’s the point.  But I am starting to think a little differently this time around.  Another thing I do is avoid runners and races and facebook and twitter and all other running media.  Watching the Diamond League on TV while scoffing another slice of cake only reminds me of my current predicament, so I just switch it all off.  I’m not being rude, I just don’t want to torture myself.  I should really be thinking about the here and now, but often wonder about what happens after running is finished.  If that ending is brought on sooner than I want it.  I don’t think I would be involved in the sport, if I am honest.

So, back to the knee! It doesn’t hurt anymore, unless I cross my legs, but I think it has always hurt when I cross my legs! At least I am hoping that is the case, because it has been nearly two weeks with no significant improvement.  Go to a physio, I am told. Past experience of physiotherapists has not been favourable for me to take that option.  Generally what has happened in the past is I go and present myself to a physio with an injury.  They look at me, prod around a little, get me to do various poses and then say, “Yes, Boab, it’s your XYZ that’s enflamed, do these strengthening exercises and this mobility work, come and see me for the next 6 weeks and we’ll have you back running in no time”.  And so the 6 weeks pass and there is no difference. “Ok, Boab, so it wasn’t XYZ then.  Let’s do a little more prodding and poking.  Ah, it’s ABC not XYZ, ok, lets do this strengthening work and this mobility work and come and see me weekly for the next 6 weeks for some soft tissue work”.  And so I don’t bother going back and in 6 weeks the injury has healed all by itself.  Maybe I am just selecting the wrong physios, maybe I am just unresponsive to the treatments, maybe I am just ‘special’!!  Or, maybe, physios are fantastic at treating injuries and rehabilitation, but just make an estimated guess on the initial injury! Whatever the reason, I don’t feel I get a great deal from physiotherapy.  However, I am heading for a sports massage soon.  Now, this, I know works because I will be almost unable to walk without it looking like I am holding in a #2, but tomorrow I will be up bouncing around the place like a 5 year old!  Not running, but bouncing around the place nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Injury

  1. I know what you mean about physics. I am currently seeing one a space clinic in Dalry though and I’ve seen lots of improvement, he’s very good. Ians even gone to him now


  2. Oh how I agree with you physio thoughts! Cost me a fortune trying to heal me! Had scans and everything. At the end of the day I believe time was the healer – only it took three years for me. Oldies take a lot longer to heal! Hope you grpet back again soon. xx


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