Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon – Pre Race

I thought I would put down in words my run up to this race.  It is my target race for the first half of 2015.  There is the small matter of the Virgin London Marathon on 26th April, but this is the ‘A’ race.  The Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon (or the G2E) is a 55 mile ultra marathon run from Glasgow to Edinburgh on the Forth and Clyde and Union canals.  It’s as flat as a pancake and follows the contours of the land from the west of Scotland to the East.

It’s needless to say that my training hasn’t had much hill work in it.  I’ve been working with a coach now since just after Christmas 2014, and while I was doing some hill work and off road hill running early in the plan, the specificity has kicked in over the last 12 weeks and I’ve been running on the flat.  Training has gone very well, there has been a mix of speed, tempo and long running.  Many of the long runs have been mixed up pace wise and I’ve found these particularly beneficial.  There have also been a couple of back to back long runs over consecutive weekends along with a 4 hour 15 minute long run.  I feel ready and prepared for the race.  I have been surprised by how my body has responded to the amount of quality in the training plan.  In recent years, this amount of quality work (at least 3 sessions a week) would have left me over trained and under recovered, leading to illness and injury.  It is different this time, but I am not getting carried away, it is only 3 months of work, and there is a long way to go to build back up to where I know I should be.  That is for the future.

So I am ready for this race, physically.

I’m also ready for this race, mentally.  It will be the furthest I have run and after about 40 miles, I will be into unknown territory, but isn’t that the beauty of these events?  I relish the challenge and I look forward to seeing what my body can do and more importantly, how my mind copes with the physical pain.

Kit list is all checked off, the following will be main components of the kit

Clothes will closely follow what I wore at the Devil O’ the Highlands race last year, but will take extra in case there is a change int he weather.

It will be an early start on Saturday.  The race starts at 9am, so I will be up at 5:30 making breakfast (eggs and bacon) and then on the first train out of Musselburgh.  Steven will pick me up at 7:10 in Livingston and we will head to Glasgow, stopping off for a coffee on route.


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